Wednesday, April 30, 2008


“Softcore Snowboards” is a snowboarding brand based in the Swiss alps that is strictly snowboarding. They don’t sell skis or bobsleds or anything of the sort so their snowboards are the best possible quality because it is their only focus. “insert name here” caters for all ages, as there is no specific age group that snowboarding focuses on. Snowboarding is also not a gender specific sport so “insert name here” caters for both genders as well.

The main focus of “Softcore snowboards” is their snowboard designs, but they focus on other aspects of the snowboarding experience as well, clothing, goggles, clamps etc.

“softcore snowboards” caters for all seasons because they ship their products internationally and it is always snow season somewhere in the world.

The snowboard designs range from your typical “fresh” mountain look with cool colours etc, that you would usually see on snowboards, but also does designs that you would expect to see on skateboard etc. “softcore snowboards” offers a custom board service, where they will make a board to the specifications of the customer, thus giving the company a wide range of art styles.

The brand uses a wide range of colors from the gneric snowboard cool “apine colors” such as light blues whites and greens. To more sharpr colors such as black, rich purple etc.

Some words that may describe the brand include but is not limited to:

Some names that may be used for the brand may include, but is not limited to:
-Softcore snowbards.
-Spatulation snowboards.
-mountain fresh
-Mountain essence
-Gear of the gods
-snowy mc bandit
-generically placed words

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stacy said...

description of brand too generic. 10 DESCRIPTIVE WORDS are not helpful in understanding your brand. You also need to note influences stylistically and similiar brands and differences. try to edit and add detail.