Wednesday, May 7, 2008

josh - males surf brand

I am going to pick surfing as my subculture, mainy because i worked in a surf store for a year and a half. And although I know nothing about surfing I have sent he trends, advertisements and promotions for this type of sub culture.
I am going to be appealing to the male audience from the age group of 15-25.
I want this to be challenging so I am going to choose winter, although the surfing has stopped for most the fashion side of things only gets better.
I will be borrowing from the trends of the street, high fashion ideas.
My designs might incorporate the ideas of environmental issues in the artworks but as a main theme I’m not going to incorporate it.

Young, trendy, stylish, attractive, pre designed – to help any guy dress well, standout, creative, many influences, ,smart, classy.


Because the influences will be from all around the world mainly Europe and USA, I want to be able to bring these influences to Australia.
Heavily televised advertising, magazines - monster children, teen vogue, etc.
And also selling the products in surf stores like City Beach.

Swede, BANG, tredn, trend, tone, tunnel, BEATS, mags, BIG BELLY, long legs, skinnies, SMEX, try hard, Clubbins,

Similar brands are out there although, most trends of today are all the same, my brand will be different because it is taking the trends in city, street, classy wear and putting it into the surf community.

City trends is the aspiring theme.

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