Wednesday, May 7, 2008

josh - males surf brand

I am going to pick surfing as my subculture, mainy because i worked in a surf store for a year and a half. And although I know nothing about surfing I have sent he trends, advertisements and promotions for this type of sub culture.
I am going to be appealing to the male audience from the age group of 15-25.
I want this to be challenging so I am going to choose winter, although the surfing has stopped for most the fashion side of things only gets better.
I will be borrowing from the trends of the street, high fashion ideas.
My designs might incorporate the ideas of environmental issues in the artworks but as a main theme I’m not going to incorporate it.

Young, trendy, stylish, attractive, pre designed – to help any guy dress well, standout, creative, many influences, ,smart, classy.


Because the influences will be from all around the world mainly Europe and USA, I want to be able to bring these influences to Australia.
Heavily televised advertising, magazines - monster children, teen vogue, etc.
And also selling the products in surf stores like City Beach.

Swede, BANG, tredn, trend, tone, tunnel, BEATS, mags, BIG BELLY, long legs, skinnies, SMEX, try hard, Clubbins,

Similar brands are out there although, most trends of today are all the same, my brand will be different because it is taking the trends in city, street, classy wear and putting it into the surf community.

City trends is the aspiring theme.

Leilani; Girls snowboarding brand

=The brand I am design is for a Children’s Snowboarding Label.
=I would classify it more as girl-friendly than girly - as it is not in the stereotypical sense, girly. Its funky, fashionable clothing made for girls, by girls.
=clothing design for snowboarding, but not limited to, can wear at other times.
=Its pretty, its cute, but its not just that. Its clothing that mothers don’t have to worry about, its looking beautiful [not sexy] without sacrificing comfort and warmth.
= Girls only
= 4 to 12 years approx
= Products would include: Jackets, Ugg boots, Shoes, Snowboards, Snowboard acessories, shirts, dresses, hoodies, beanies, jewellery, gloves, scarves, stickers, ect.
= Materials: The actual snowboard gear would be made from thick, warm, furry materials for lining and edging, coupled with water-resistant outer layers so that mothers don’t have to worry about their kids getting cold. The rest would be made from heavy cottons, denim, ect.
= Words to describe: Girl-friendly, Fluffy, Interesting, Cute, Wearable, warm, furry, comfortable, functional, fabulous
= Promotions : Something like discounts off clothing and jewellery when you buy a snowboard, stickers with the logo and cool sayings given out with purchases over like $30 or something…
= Colour Palette : Pastels mainly, and a range of pinks, greens, whites, purples, black, and also a little silver and gold.
= Possible Names: Eskimo, Marshmallow, Cinnamon, Crème, Ikimo, Caramel, Hot chocolate, Pitter Patter, Ruff & Tumbles, Sarabi, Sachi [joy], Toasty, Kiri, Tawhiri [whirlwind]
= Influences: I had trouble finding many snowboard brands specifically for girls or children, many make stuff for them but its quite generalised. Spice, I found to be the most relevant brand in the snowboard industry, that I could find at least. It’s a womens snowboard brand. Outside that would be clothing brands like Seed, Moppit, Guess, The north Face, Southpole, G-Unit, BabyPhat
=Method of selling: retail stores, but also over the internet.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


“Softcore Snowboards” is a snowboarding brand based in the Swiss alps that is strictly snowboarding. They don’t sell skis or bobsleds or anything of the sort so their snowboards are the best possible quality because it is their only focus. “insert name here” caters for all ages, as there is no specific age group that snowboarding focuses on. Snowboarding is also not a gender specific sport so “insert name here” caters for both genders as well.

The main focus of “Softcore snowboards” is their snowboard designs, but they focus on other aspects of the snowboarding experience as well, clothing, goggles, clamps etc.

“softcore snowboards” caters for all seasons because they ship their products internationally and it is always snow season somewhere in the world.

The snowboard designs range from your typical “fresh” mountain look with cool colours etc, that you would usually see on snowboards, but also does designs that you would expect to see on skateboard etc. “softcore snowboards” offers a custom board service, where they will make a board to the specifications of the customer, thus giving the company a wide range of art styles.

The brand uses a wide range of colors from the gneric snowboard cool “apine colors” such as light blues whites and greens. To more sharpr colors such as black, rich purple etc.

Some words that may describe the brand include but is not limited to:

Some names that may be used for the brand may include, but is not limited to:
-Softcore snowbards.
-Spatulation snowboards.
-mountain fresh
-Mountain essence
-Gear of the gods
-snowy mc bandit
-generically placed words

Jamie: Surf, Skate, Snow Design.

Jamie Peters: Skate Surf Snow, Brand.

For my brand I have decided to go with a skate brand. For my brand I will be trying to appeal to the teenage, onwards, skate boarders, who like the hardcore skate scene. The age group that I will be targeting is the 13- onwards. For my brand I will kick off in the summer months, as this is when skateboarding is at its most popular. My brand will be influenced by the rock and roll music scene, great art works, and a bad ass attitude. The brand wont really follow in the climate friendly attitude, as this sought of defeats the brands soul. Though to as where the products get made and produced their will be a lot of concideration, i.e. no sweat shops, nd good quality product. Another branch that the brand will look into, is helping the general community by promoting the re-building of dodge skate parks and etc.

Ten descriptive words that I could associate to the brand would be, fast, loud, smooth, cut-throat, aggressive, aggressive, flooky, all rounded bad ass, out there and destructive. For this brand the colour scheme I have thought of is to follow in is the basic colours, as in blacks, whites, reds, blues and maybe a few lesser others. The brands distribution is in the beginning will be through local skateboarding outlets along the coast, and then begin to sponcer local competitions and other events. The brand will also begin a small dedicated sponcership of skaters. This will greatly help with the promotion of the brand.

Seeing as the brand will be heavily influenced by its cultures the brand name is going to be essential in reflecting what the brand is about.
Some possible names are:
- Top Hat Ninja
- Skull cap
- Outcast
- Buccaneer
- Maps
- Cutthroat
- Jolly Rodgers
- Headless
- Decap
- Mutant
- Skull crackers
- Dabloum
- Cartrige 88
- Blown skull
- Arse Cobra
- Blood Skull
- Dezy Fang
- Fandangle
- 665 neighbour of the beast
- PB&T (pledged to pleasure booze and Treasure)

The style influences for the brand will be dark, disturbing, funny random, rock and skeletons. The brand will aspire to the dark arts theme, as in “Nightmare before Christmas”, Robert Williams, Pushead, M.C. Escher, etc. the brand will be defined by the art style, as in the design and products.


Surf Skate Snow Design
The brand ENDangered will focus on the of the environment and the protection of animals and depict this in their design
The subculture that I will be directing to is surfing pro and non-pro.
Target market is male & female.
Age group would be 16 to 45.
Seasons: All seasons
For the designs I would use animal textures like skin fur teeth from sharks tigers elephants lions snake etc and the tree leaf nuts to print on broad shorts t shirts bags hats surfboards etc
Political or social awareness, environment, Animal protection Globed Warming
Creative sun planet moon wind water Earth, environment, fresh, clean, natural, animal, textures, recycle packaging
Colour palette: black & white or logo and all colours for designs
Styles: pop art surrealism cubism abstraction mix media
Geographical distribution = world wide
Method of selling: retail outlets around Australia and Internet mail order for overseas
Method of promotion is that it is donation 10% of profits to charity: develop your own charity for the animals and environment. The promotion of the sexy designs via sexy models and looking good is not about stuffing the environment and killing animals for the production of products. Environmentally save dyes’ used for printing products, recycled packaging.
Possible names for surf brands and my brand focus =Wash, monsters, waterform, extinct, flow, spray, serpent, ripple, Triassic, dinosaurs, animalsurf, surfanimal envirosurf, level, salt, 10meters, animal

Monday, April 28, 2008


The Essence of Oracle is based on the love and obsession of the ocean and its constant state of change. It is all about inclusion and positivity and is deply connected with the idea of facilitating the dreams of the youth. Music and art are the common threads that bring this brand all together. Oracle will be passionate about freedom of expression and the individual voice.

Welcome to Oracle's world – imagine the possibilities.


-surfing: Pro and no pro level

-Target market - male and female 12-60
-Season: All the seasons.

-Run design exibition and competitions every year with 2d and even 3d disigns, encouraging creativity. Some of the stuff showed at the exibitions might be sold or kept as limited collection.

-Limited print T-shirts and dinamite accessories.

- For the graphic I will absorb all the ideas from all my surroundings and transforming them in visual interpretation supported by sensitivity and immagination.
Oracle will be influenced even by skate, extreme sports , movies, street art and art in general.
It is not concerned with political issues.

-Keywords for this brand : Creative, immaginative, open minded defiant,exclusive, freaky, silly, weird, misterious,horror.

-Colour palette : black and white

The oracle products will be distributed firstly in Australia and Italy and than throughout the internet by the Oracle web site.

style: surrealism

Brainstormed names:Freak show,nonsense,beyond,namesis,oracle,The oracle effect, morphic mind.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ALEC: all i want for christmas...


+ + Made by bodyboarders for bodyboarders

+ + Limited prints

+ + Oversized Tees

+ + Fitted Tees

+ + Skinny shorts, skinnier jeans

+ + Mod cut shirts

+ + Oestrogen and testosterone accessories

+ + Blur the line between ‘surf’ clothing and high end street fashion

+ + Move away from traditional ‘surf’ style prints

+ + Labels and related paraphernalia will be made from objects washed ashore

+ + Explore and express creativity of young bodyboarders

+ + Run T-shirt design competitions


+ + Male and female

+ + 12 to funky grandmas and grandpas

+ + Encompass all seasons (winter/summer collections)

+ + No political push

+ + Push for clean coasts an underlying value ‘destroy dancefloors not dunes

+ + Support local coastal care units around the country


+ + Fun, environmental, exclusive, quality, up to date, up late, recycled, creative, power chords, face melting, acid wash, tubes, barrels, pits, the ocean, wolf, lion, eagle, exposed reef, Ha-Ha, ???

+ + Shades of black white and grey + coloured prints

+ + Sold firstly at local markets where bodyboarding is popular: Gold Coast, Ballina, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Wollongong, South coast NSW + Capitol cities

+ + Also sold in bodyboard stores and fashion boutiques

+ + Promotion will encompass; rider sponsorship, club night sponsorship, Instore promotions, throwing wild parties where everyone gets free gear, word of mouth, stickers everywhere


+ + Influences from near and far: bodyboarding, street fashion, graphic design, cartoons, the 80s, old computer games, pirates, glam rock, uevo goth, indie rock, underground electro club, mods, surrealism, optical illusions, impossible triangle etc, M C Esher, Dada art movement, the undo key, robots, nights on the town, music festivals, first dates, first kisses, (probably a zillion more that I can’t think of now)

+ + Possible brand names: All I want for Christmas, Destroy Dancefloors not Dunes, Whales Breakfast, Lost and found, Flotsam Jetsam, Undo key, 17 and ripping, Ocean Potion, Kaleidoscope, Ocean foetus…

+ + Plastic people, VU, I am none, Grand flavour, Ksubi, Corpus, One teaspoon, The Cassette society, American apparel, Levis, Cheap Monday, Nudie jeans, Ben Sherman, Arvust, Insight, Line, Bonds….

+ + This brand is similar to the above mentioned brands in terms of looks and quality but has three major differences that will set it apart in the market place:

§ A push for coastal preservation.

§ Regular T-shirt design competitions, encouraging creativity.

§ Releasing mind bogglingly overpriced, limited print T-shirts as well as stock T-shirts at rock bottom prices, and everything in between


Thursday, April 10, 2008

GEMMA: Bodyboard Company

Based upon the ever- growing population of the bodyboarding subculture I have decided to develop a brand in which aims promote and encourage the rapid development of the sport.

As a largely male based subculture, evident though brands, contests, magazines, products and riders, my design brand will incorporate with feminine and masculine elements into each aspect of the designs, resulting in riders of both genders to peruse an interest in the brand as well as a supportive equality between both male and female bodyboard riders of any age group, but most in particular teens to those in their 30’s.

The new idea being incorporated into the brand is evidently the shape of bodyboards in relation to the female form and figure. Un-doubtfully, men and women do not share the same body shape and therefore need to be considered when shaping bodyboards for their purpose as well as aiding them aesthetically as well as functionally just as men are today.

Drawing from aspects and elements of the coast and what the surf, sun and sand has to offer will be key elements brought into my brand design, not to mention the fast moving nature of the sport itself which most definitely will aim to be incorporated into the fundamental graphics used.

Colours which will be used in my design will be representational of and influenced by the radical movement that has taken toll on bodyboarding. The aerial manoeuvres and large, dangerous wave riding bring to mind bold, outstanding designs with striking colours. These will include bright/some fluoro colours of red, purple, pink, green and blue as well as black and white tones, making the basis for such design elements.

The distribution of this brand and its products will initial being locally, Australia. However with large growing patterns from places such as Brazil (particularly in women’s bodyboarding) the brand may find its way to other locations such as these. With communication and marketing devices such as the internet, it is not impossible for the sales of this brands product to become worldwide.

Any other water or extreme sport subculture would be an influential element of my brands development. Evident to this, the brand would draw influences from fast, youth-based imagery as graphic ideas with bold, eye catching logos and slogans representational of the elements depicted by the sport (beach, bodyboards, flippers, etc.)

Personality of the surfwear will be: Durable, Comfortable, Stylish, Practical, Modern, Eye catching, Youth based, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomical,

Brainstorming brand names – Slide, GBD (Gemma Bodyboard Designs), Waterproof, Individual, Equal, Designer Bodyboards, Gender, Esky-lids, Impact, Convert, Core, Section, Status, Edgy, Perform, Focused, and Express.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Scary monster skateboards


Scary monster skateboards is a street level skate brand, focussing on the urban environment and street skating specifically in all seasons.

The brand is not gender specific, however the art of street skating is heavily male dominated.  With skaters generally aging between 12-30.  But the brand does not exclude female skaters or younger or older male skaters.

The brand draws influences from punk rock, heavy metal and hiphop music

(any music promoting a street aesthetic).

The brand draws heavily influence from the thrasher magazine ‘skate ‘n destroy’ motto.

It has very little concern for environmental issues and is more concerned with vandalism.

Its design is heavily influenced by graffiti art and specifically throw-ups and bombing.

Colors used will of the darker persuasion - with hats, shirts and jackets being made in the same color ranges to match up with each other.

Red, black, blues and greens will be used in darker tones to blend in with the night.

Skinny and relaxed fit jeans, shorts and pants will be made for males and females with a stretch denim to allow for movement whilst skating.  A wide range of t-shirts, singlets, long sleeve, polo shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, bandanas, fitted hats, bowler hats  and accessories will be made with a designer style/street crossover.

Skate decks will be made with a great emphasis being placed on the boards artwork.  Each deck will be unique and custom boards will be made for team riders.

The brand will be based in Australia and sold in street wear and skate shops throughout the country, with plans for international distribution.

There will also be a website, with the entire line of products available for online purchase with shipping throughout Australia and internationally.

The brand will sponsor top street skaters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  

A quarterly magazine named 'Mean Street' will also be released by the brand, featuring sponsored skaters and local up-and-comers.  The magazine will open for photo submissions from skaters worldwide. New bands and street and graffiti artists will also be featured in the magazine.

This brand will differ from other brands, as it focuses solely on street skating, rather than park or competition skating.  It can be compared to such street labels as Tribal and Ecko, but also draws influence from skate brands like DC and Element.

Brainstormed names: Scary Monster, Monster, Mutant, Feeble, Farce, Fierce, Infected, Insomnia, Shock, Panix, Paranoid, Gutter.

Ros -

I will be marketing a brand with the concept mainly on t-shirt design with possible growth into hats and bags in the surf industry targeting teens to adults. My brands winter story will be inspired by kozyndan, Jaime Hewlett, Logan Hicks and that mod, rockstar persona. The colour palette of black, white, grey and beige will be the base colour of the t-shirts for this season.

My brands packaging, swing tags etc will be recycled as it has a conscious; being environmentally aware with worries about climate change and animal rights.

My brands personality can be described as
edgy, fun, vocal, artistic, environmentally aware, expressive, vivacious, fierce, individual and unafraid!

My brands selling method would be through retail and its own Internet store. It has intentions of distributing items in select locations around Australia hopefully moving on to a little global domination in the future so its message gets across.

My brand intends to sponsor only a select few, if you ‘want in’ then you must fit in with the ideology of the brand and help with its charities WSPA and Planet Ark otherwise ‘you’re out’.

My brand intends to differentiate itself from other brands out there by running a comp each year, picking the best 10 designs/illustrations for its t-shirt print. This would give artists a chance to become known and generate advertising and hopefully a bit of free press for all involved. These shirts would also be limited editions, therefore becoming collector items.

Possible names; Salty Sun, Pitted, Out There, Reflection, Reaction, Loiter, Truant, Manifest & Express (= me), Mien (persons bearing, demeanour or appearance), Hoof, Vivid, Prank, Artifact, Muse, R U There (RUT), Renown, Rampant, Rectify, Revel, Reason, Rebus, Liberatore, Insurgent, Advocate, Roitous, Urge.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Skimboard Co.

-Skimboarding, casual non-pro level.
-Target market - male 16-30.
-Summer be the choice of season.
-'Twill borrow graphic styles from street art/ graffiti, the big colorful
wall pieces and productions by artists DMOTE, LOOMIT, SNARL and NEXT. A definite
influence from surf design will appear too.
- Break Wind is concerned with shore and drain litter because thats where sea
trash pollution starts.
-Break Wind is not concerned with political issues.
keywords for this brand - HUMOROUS, DEFIANT, GOOD-NATURED, BRIGHT,
-Colour palette, Pantone 165 C (orange), Pantone 2935 C (blue), white, Pantone Hexachrome Yellow C, Pantone 265 C (Purple), Pantone 222 C (Maroon), black.
-Distributed throughout Hawaii local stores, cafes, beach shops in small increments.
Aims to expand to Australia, some parts of Europe (the good parts).
-Break Wind sponsors clean-up teams who wear its clothing and sweep beaches and streets of rubbish.

My brand is similar to a European brand called Tango which advertised cheeky stuff and spawned general confusion in the pommy public. 'Tis satirical, postmodern in image, humorous, and differs easily from other sport brands in that it is not so freakin hardcore serious.
Influences branch across street art pieces, Mambo, Robert Crumb, Big Daddy Roth in the cartoony wacky styles of yore.
Themes go for the floral Hawaiian touch, a little. Yet preserves its own individualism.

Twill be bigger than Jesus.

Govinda - Surf Skate Snow Brand

Surf Co. Brand Development

I am developing a surf brand based around the concept of returning to the grass roots of the sport. The subculture I am appealing to would be those who appreciate the simple fun that surfing offers and the balanced lifestyle around it that has been forgotten by many. It will cater for both genders and all ages.

Although there are so many other brands already servicing the surfing subculture, my brand’s uniqueness in approach and the slight rebellious element against the already established brands will be its distinguishing features. A big element in the company’s uniqueness would be the price. I will be rebelling against the huge price put on such simple products such as T-shirts and bikini’s.

The brand’s home is the Gold Coast and the products will be sold through retail shops along the east coast to begin with. I will avoid getting involved in sponsorship as that would be encouraging surfing as a competitive sport, going against the company’s morals. My surf brand would be involved in charity organizations and learn-to-surf events.

The company will produce clothing, swimwear and accessories for both men and women. Emphasis would be on comfort, practicality, VALUE, style, quality and individuality.

Some issues hopefully addressed through the brand would be peace, environmental awareness, sharing, individuality, community spirit and sexism. I hope to encourage the fair treatment of female surfer, in and out of the water.

Possible Brand Names: Root, Ethics, Coconut, Belief, Samba, Nakula, Inspire, Wood and Sand, Sunjaya, Sun and Moon.

Descriptive Words: peace, value, style, earth, sharing, harmony, quality, nature, individuality.

The alternate/hippy subculture would be an influencing factor in the brands development.

Possible company colours are orange, brown, green, blue, red, cream and other such earthy colours.

Style Influences: Island art (pacific inspiration without be corny hibiscuses), nature, ocean, pattern and batik. Modern design and ancient art will also be inspiration for the patterns and designs.

Saturday, April 5, 2008



Is a skateboarding brand like no other, it caters for the skate-culture globally.

But especially for the long board skate community and speed board enthusiasts worldwide.

The brand sells itself on its unique shoe design with interchangeable soles, which come with each pair of shoes purchased.

Why throw your skate shoes out when the sole is worn out and the rest of the shoes are still in good condition!

The brand guarantees its product to out last any skate shoe by 2 or 3 times longer than any other shoes on the market.

Magnitudes awareness of the environment is high on the list of the brands values, as their manufacturing of shoe soles is made entirely from recycled car tyres.

As skateboarding is a sport that can be done through out the whole year it has no main season that it targets rather 360 days to skate and have fun.

Magnitude shoes are unisex in design and the main colors that are used


The brand is marketed through the worldwide web at “”

and various global skate publications such as “Thrasher”, “Transworld Skateboarding Magazine” and “Concrete Wave” just to name a few.

Also through various sponsorships of international contests and the IGSA (international skateboard racing association).

The Magnitude Skate team has a number of top riders pushing the limits of the product constantly giving feedback to the design and development crew for new and improved shoe models.

Another sibling product are slide gloves with interchangeable plastic plates
And the design team is also working on a new Aero Helmet in the not to distant
The styles and themes that have influenced our graphic artists would be Modernism with clear defined colors and patterns and icons from India in the late 16th Century e.g. Jalis.

Brainstormed Names:
Power on, Slide systems, Control systems, Secure speed, Fearless, Skate Amour, Asphalt Amour, Rush, Rapid descent, Swift,
Slip stream, 90 Degrees, Hairpin command, Speed junkie, Adrenaline, 888,
Emaginitude, Dynamik Solutions, X stream, 180.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

STACY: 300 words your surf, skate, snow brand

Create a 300 word initial profile. Define and describe your potential brand/ market.
• Descibe the part of the subculture you are appealing to.e.g. Surfing, Skareboarding or Snowboarding e.g if surfing - Mal Riders, Grommets, free surfing, tow surfing etc
• Gender
• Age group
• Season
• What other subcultural influences will be borrowed from eg emo, ballroom dancing, hot rods cars, psychobilly etc
• Are there any environmental issues a concern eg. Clean seas, climate change, anti nuclear, ceteans
• Are there any pollitical or social awareness issues you want to address? eg black rights, land rights, register to vote, surf rage?
• Describe the personality of surfwear use 10 descriptive words
e.g.The American Pig Brand (apb) concept is a direct reflection of the remarkable and often excessive qualities of American culture. apb celebrates large Sport Utility Vehicles, 24 hour drive-thrus, pre-approved platinum credit cards, and other distinguishing characteristics of American life. apb has potential to portray both positive and negative views of the exceedingly prosperous American lifestyle.
• Colour palette please list
• Geographical distribution- whereabouts?
• Method of selling e.g. market, retail internet mail order
• Methods of promotion sponsorship, charity,
• Brainstorm Possible names for your brand. List at least twenty with class, friends, family etc
• Is your brand similiar to other brands out there in the marketplace? Please name them- More importantly how is your brand different?
• What are the style Influences? eg surrealism, pop, art deco etc
• What are the Inspiring Themes? eg tiki culture, florals, etc