Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Leilani; Girls snowboarding brand

=The brand I am design is for a Children’s Snowboarding Label.
=I would classify it more as girl-friendly than girly - as it is not in the stereotypical sense, girly. Its funky, fashionable clothing made for girls, by girls.
=clothing design for snowboarding, but not limited to, can wear at other times.
=Its pretty, its cute, but its not just that. Its clothing that mothers don’t have to worry about, its looking beautiful [not sexy] without sacrificing comfort and warmth.
= Girls only
= 4 to 12 years approx
= Products would include: Jackets, Ugg boots, Shoes, Snowboards, Snowboard acessories, shirts, dresses, hoodies, beanies, jewellery, gloves, scarves, stickers, ect.
= Materials: The actual snowboard gear would be made from thick, warm, furry materials for lining and edging, coupled with water-resistant outer layers so that mothers don’t have to worry about their kids getting cold. The rest would be made from heavy cottons, denim, ect.
= Words to describe: Girl-friendly, Fluffy, Interesting, Cute, Wearable, warm, furry, comfortable, functional, fabulous
= Promotions : Something like discounts off clothing and jewellery when you buy a snowboard, stickers with the logo and cool sayings given out with purchases over like $30 or something…
= Colour Palette : Pastels mainly, and a range of pinks, greens, whites, purples, black, and also a little silver and gold.
= Possible Names: Eskimo, Marshmallow, Cinnamon, Crème, Ikimo, Caramel, Hot chocolate, Pitter Patter, Ruff & Tumbles, Sarabi, Sachi [joy], Toasty, Kiri, Tawhiri [whirlwind]
= Influences: I had trouble finding many snowboard brands specifically for girls or children, many make stuff for them but its quite generalised. Spice, I found to be the most relevant brand in the snowboard industry, that I could find at least. It’s a womens snowboard brand. Outside that would be clothing brands like Seed, Moppit, Guess, The north Face, Southpole, G-Unit, BabyPhat
=Method of selling: retail stores, but also over the internet.