Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ALEC: all i want for christmas...


+ + Made by bodyboarders for bodyboarders

+ + Limited prints

+ + Oversized Tees

+ + Fitted Tees

+ + Skinny shorts, skinnier jeans

+ + Mod cut shirts

+ + Oestrogen and testosterone accessories

+ + Blur the line between ‘surf’ clothing and high end street fashion

+ + Move away from traditional ‘surf’ style prints

+ + Labels and related paraphernalia will be made from objects washed ashore

+ + Explore and express creativity of young bodyboarders

+ + Run T-shirt design competitions


+ + Male and female

+ + 12 to funky grandmas and grandpas

+ + Encompass all seasons (winter/summer collections)

+ + No political push

+ + Push for clean coasts an underlying value ‘destroy dancefloors not dunes

+ + Support local coastal care units around the country


+ + Fun, environmental, exclusive, quality, up to date, up late, recycled, creative, power chords, face melting, acid wash, tubes, barrels, pits, the ocean, wolf, lion, eagle, exposed reef, Ha-Ha, ???

+ + Shades of black white and grey + coloured prints

+ + Sold firstly at local markets where bodyboarding is popular: Gold Coast, Ballina, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Wollongong, South coast NSW + Capitol cities

+ + Also sold in bodyboard stores and fashion boutiques

+ + Promotion will encompass; rider sponsorship, club night sponsorship, Instore promotions, throwing wild parties where everyone gets free gear, word of mouth, stickers everywhere


+ + Influences from near and far: bodyboarding, street fashion, graphic design, cartoons, the 80s, old computer games, pirates, glam rock, uevo goth, indie rock, underground electro club, mods, surrealism, optical illusions, impossible triangle etc, M C Esher, Dada art movement, the undo key, robots, nights on the town, music festivals, first dates, first kisses, (probably a zillion more that I can’t think of now)

+ + Possible brand names: All I want for Christmas, Destroy Dancefloors not Dunes, Whales Breakfast, Lost and found, Flotsam Jetsam, Undo key, 17 and ripping, Ocean Potion, Kaleidoscope, Ocean foetus…

+ + Plastic people, VU, I am none, Grand flavour, Ksubi, Corpus, One teaspoon, The Cassette society, American apparel, Levis, Cheap Monday, Nudie jeans, Ben Sherman, Arvust, Insight, Line, Bonds….

+ + This brand is similar to the above mentioned brands in terms of looks and quality but has three major differences that will set it apart in the market place:

§ A push for coastal preservation.

§ Regular T-shirt design competitions, encouraging creativity.

§ Releasing mind bogglingly overpriced, limited print T-shirts as well as stock T-shirts at rock bottom prices, and everything in between


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