Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ros -

I will be marketing a brand with the concept mainly on t-shirt design with possible growth into hats and bags in the surf industry targeting teens to adults. My brands winter story will be inspired by kozyndan, Jaime Hewlett, Logan Hicks and that mod, rockstar persona. The colour palette of black, white, grey and beige will be the base colour of the t-shirts for this season.

My brands packaging, swing tags etc will be recycled as it has a conscious; being environmentally aware with worries about climate change and animal rights.

My brands personality can be described as
edgy, fun, vocal, artistic, environmentally aware, expressive, vivacious, fierce, individual and unafraid!

My brands selling method would be through retail and its own Internet store. It has intentions of distributing items in select locations around Australia hopefully moving on to a little global domination in the future so its message gets across.

My brand intends to sponsor only a select few, if you ‘want in’ then you must fit in with the ideology of the brand and help with its charities WSPA and Planet Ark otherwise ‘you’re out’.

My brand intends to differentiate itself from other brands out there by running a comp each year, picking the best 10 designs/illustrations for its t-shirt print. This would give artists a chance to become known and generate advertising and hopefully a bit of free press for all involved. These shirts would also be limited editions, therefore becoming collector items.

Possible names; Salty Sun, Pitted, Out There, Reflection, Reaction, Loiter, Truant, Manifest & Express (= me), Mien (persons bearing, demeanour or appearance), Hoof, Vivid, Prank, Artifact, Muse, R U There (RUT), Renown, Rampant, Rectify, Revel, Reason, Rebus, Liberatore, Insurgent, Advocate, Roitous, Urge.

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