Monday, April 28, 2008


The Essence of Oracle is based on the love and obsession of the ocean and its constant state of change. It is all about inclusion and positivity and is deply connected with the idea of facilitating the dreams of the youth. Music and art are the common threads that bring this brand all together. Oracle will be passionate about freedom of expression and the individual voice.

Welcome to Oracle's world – imagine the possibilities.


-surfing: Pro and no pro level

-Target market - male and female 12-60
-Season: All the seasons.

-Run design exibition and competitions every year with 2d and even 3d disigns, encouraging creativity. Some of the stuff showed at the exibitions might be sold or kept as limited collection.

-Limited print T-shirts and dinamite accessories.

- For the graphic I will absorb all the ideas from all my surroundings and transforming them in visual interpretation supported by sensitivity and immagination.
Oracle will be influenced even by skate, extreme sports , movies, street art and art in general.
It is not concerned with political issues.

-Keywords for this brand : Creative, immaginative, open minded defiant,exclusive, freaky, silly, weird, misterious,horror.

-Colour palette : black and white

The oracle products will be distributed firstly in Australia and Italy and than throughout the internet by the Oracle web site.

style: surrealism

Brainstormed names:Freak show,nonsense,beyond,namesis,oracle,The oracle effect, morphic mind.

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