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Is a skateboarding brand like no other, it caters for the skate-culture globally.

But especially for the long board skate community and speed board enthusiasts worldwide.

The brand sells itself on its unique shoe design with interchangeable soles, which come with each pair of shoes purchased.

Why throw your skate shoes out when the sole is worn out and the rest of the shoes are still in good condition!

The brand guarantees its product to out last any skate shoe by 2 or 3 times longer than any other shoes on the market.

Magnitudes awareness of the environment is high on the list of the brands values, as their manufacturing of shoe soles is made entirely from recycled car tyres.

As skateboarding is a sport that can be done through out the whole year it has no main season that it targets rather 360 days to skate and have fun.

Magnitude shoes are unisex in design and the main colors that are used


The brand is marketed through the worldwide web at “”

and various global skate publications such as “Thrasher”, “Transworld Skateboarding Magazine” and “Concrete Wave” just to name a few.

Also through various sponsorships of international contests and the IGSA (international skateboard racing association).

The Magnitude Skate team has a number of top riders pushing the limits of the product constantly giving feedback to the design and development crew for new and improved shoe models.

Another sibling product are slide gloves with interchangeable plastic plates
And the design team is also working on a new Aero Helmet in the not to distant
The styles and themes that have influenced our graphic artists would be Modernism with clear defined colors and patterns and icons from India in the late 16th Century e.g. Jalis.

Brainstormed Names:
Power on, Slide systems, Control systems, Secure speed, Fearless, Skate Amour, Asphalt Amour, Rush, Rapid descent, Swift,
Slip stream, 90 Degrees, Hairpin command, Speed junkie, Adrenaline, 888,
Emaginitude, Dynamik Solutions, X stream, 180.

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