Thursday, April 10, 2008

GEMMA: Bodyboard Company

Based upon the ever- growing population of the bodyboarding subculture I have decided to develop a brand in which aims promote and encourage the rapid development of the sport.

As a largely male based subculture, evident though brands, contests, magazines, products and riders, my design brand will incorporate with feminine and masculine elements into each aspect of the designs, resulting in riders of both genders to peruse an interest in the brand as well as a supportive equality between both male and female bodyboard riders of any age group, but most in particular teens to those in their 30’s.

The new idea being incorporated into the brand is evidently the shape of bodyboards in relation to the female form and figure. Un-doubtfully, men and women do not share the same body shape and therefore need to be considered when shaping bodyboards for their purpose as well as aiding them aesthetically as well as functionally just as men are today.

Drawing from aspects and elements of the coast and what the surf, sun and sand has to offer will be key elements brought into my brand design, not to mention the fast moving nature of the sport itself which most definitely will aim to be incorporated into the fundamental graphics used.

Colours which will be used in my design will be representational of and influenced by the radical movement that has taken toll on bodyboarding. The aerial manoeuvres and large, dangerous wave riding bring to mind bold, outstanding designs with striking colours. These will include bright/some fluoro colours of red, purple, pink, green and blue as well as black and white tones, making the basis for such design elements.

The distribution of this brand and its products will initial being locally, Australia. However with large growing patterns from places such as Brazil (particularly in women’s bodyboarding) the brand may find its way to other locations such as these. With communication and marketing devices such as the internet, it is not impossible for the sales of this brands product to become worldwide.

Any other water or extreme sport subculture would be an influential element of my brands development. Evident to this, the brand would draw influences from fast, youth-based imagery as graphic ideas with bold, eye catching logos and slogans representational of the elements depicted by the sport (beach, bodyboards, flippers, etc.)

Personality of the surfwear will be: Durable, Comfortable, Stylish, Practical, Modern, Eye catching, Youth based, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomical,

Brainstorming brand names – Slide, GBD (Gemma Bodyboard Designs), Waterproof, Individual, Equal, Designer Bodyboards, Gender, Esky-lids, Impact, Convert, Core, Section, Status, Edgy, Perform, Focused, and Express.

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stacy said...

well written description. none of suggested names seem appropriate. i like the humour of esky lids. keep brainstorming but you need to resolve quickly to start thumbnailing logos for your brand.