Wednesday, April 2, 2008

STACY: 300 words your surf, skate, snow brand

Create a 300 word initial profile. Define and describe your potential brand/ market.
• Descibe the part of the subculture you are appealing to.e.g. Surfing, Skareboarding or Snowboarding e.g if surfing - Mal Riders, Grommets, free surfing, tow surfing etc
• Gender
• Age group
• Season
• What other subcultural influences will be borrowed from eg emo, ballroom dancing, hot rods cars, psychobilly etc
• Are there any environmental issues a concern eg. Clean seas, climate change, anti nuclear, ceteans
• Are there any pollitical or social awareness issues you want to address? eg black rights, land rights, register to vote, surf rage?
• Describe the personality of surfwear use 10 descriptive words
e.g.The American Pig Brand (apb) concept is a direct reflection of the remarkable and often excessive qualities of American culture. apb celebrates large Sport Utility Vehicles, 24 hour drive-thrus, pre-approved platinum credit cards, and other distinguishing characteristics of American life. apb has potential to portray both positive and negative views of the exceedingly prosperous American lifestyle.
• Colour palette please list
• Geographical distribution- whereabouts?
• Method of selling e.g. market, retail internet mail order
• Methods of promotion sponsorship, charity,
• Brainstorm Possible names for your brand. List at least twenty with class, friends, family etc
• Is your brand similiar to other brands out there in the marketplace? Please name them- More importantly how is your brand different?
• What are the style Influences? eg surrealism, pop, art deco etc
• What are the Inspiring Themes? eg tiki culture, florals, etc

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