Monday, April 7, 2008

Govinda - Surf Skate Snow Brand

Surf Co. Brand Development

I am developing a surf brand based around the concept of returning to the grass roots of the sport. The subculture I am appealing to would be those who appreciate the simple fun that surfing offers and the balanced lifestyle around it that has been forgotten by many. It will cater for both genders and all ages.

Although there are so many other brands already servicing the surfing subculture, my brand’s uniqueness in approach and the slight rebellious element against the already established brands will be its distinguishing features. A big element in the company’s uniqueness would be the price. I will be rebelling against the huge price put on such simple products such as T-shirts and bikini’s.

The brand’s home is the Gold Coast and the products will be sold through retail shops along the east coast to begin with. I will avoid getting involved in sponsorship as that would be encouraging surfing as a competitive sport, going against the company’s morals. My surf brand would be involved in charity organizations and learn-to-surf events.

The company will produce clothing, swimwear and accessories for both men and women. Emphasis would be on comfort, practicality, VALUE, style, quality and individuality.

Some issues hopefully addressed through the brand would be peace, environmental awareness, sharing, individuality, community spirit and sexism. I hope to encourage the fair treatment of female surfer, in and out of the water.

Possible Brand Names: Root, Ethics, Coconut, Belief, Samba, Nakula, Inspire, Wood and Sand, Sunjaya, Sun and Moon.

Descriptive Words: peace, value, style, earth, sharing, harmony, quality, nature, individuality.

The alternate/hippy subculture would be an influencing factor in the brands development.

Possible company colours are orange, brown, green, blue, red, cream and other such earthy colours.

Style Influences: Island art (pacific inspiration without be corny hibiscuses), nature, ocean, pattern and batik. Modern design and ancient art will also be inspiration for the patterns and designs.

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stacy said...

breathe, pacific eye, pacify,cosmic groove, samba funk, flow, children of the sun/ universe, raw earth, organic, at one, fluid, meridian, pacific dimension , venus flower, h20flow,