Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Scary monster skateboards


Scary monster skateboards is a street level skate brand, focussing on the urban environment and street skating specifically in all seasons.

The brand is not gender specific, however the art of street skating is heavily male dominated.  With skaters generally aging between 12-30.  But the brand does not exclude female skaters or younger or older male skaters.

The brand draws influences from punk rock, heavy metal and hiphop music

(any music promoting a street aesthetic).

The brand draws heavily influence from the thrasher magazine ‘skate ‘n destroy’ motto.

It has very little concern for environmental issues and is more concerned with vandalism.

Its design is heavily influenced by graffiti art and specifically throw-ups and bombing.

Colors used will of the darker persuasion - with hats, shirts and jackets being made in the same color ranges to match up with each other.

Red, black, blues and greens will be used in darker tones to blend in with the night.

Skinny and relaxed fit jeans, shorts and pants will be made for males and females with a stretch denim to allow for movement whilst skating.  A wide range of t-shirts, singlets, long sleeve, polo shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, bandanas, fitted hats, bowler hats  and accessories will be made with a designer style/street crossover.

Skate decks will be made with a great emphasis being placed on the boards artwork.  Each deck will be unique and custom boards will be made for team riders.

The brand will be based in Australia and sold in street wear and skate shops throughout the country, with plans for international distribution.

There will also be a website, with the entire line of products available for online purchase with shipping throughout Australia and internationally.

The brand will sponsor top street skaters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  

A quarterly magazine named 'Mean Street' will also be released by the brand, featuring sponsored skaters and local up-and-comers.  The magazine will open for photo submissions from skaters worldwide. New bands and street and graffiti artists will also be featured in the magazine.

This brand will differ from other brands, as it focuses solely on street skating, rather than park or competition skating.  It can be compared to such street labels as Tribal and Ecko, but also draws influence from skate brands like DC and Element.

Brainstormed names: Scary Monster, Monster, Mutant, Feeble, Farce, Fierce, Infected, Insomnia, Shock, Panix, Paranoid, Gutter.

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stacy said...

possession. possessed. schizophrenic clown, diretic milkshake, battle axw, throwup, gutter, turtle wheels, techno yawn, rodent. grandms got bad breathe, gothic monkey, fist, rash, abrasion, perverted, institutioalized, pickled strawberries, challenged, foetus burp,damaged goods,fragile, agile, derranged, brisket, concrete foetus, the last foetus, graffoetus, gutter milk,replacement, freak trucks, acid drop, terminal, fractured, nailgun, gay nun, raygun, blah, blood on the asphalt, mass, cbdamage, arsefelt, grunt, fns, brick house half way jonny,