Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jamie: Surf, Skate, Snow Design.

Jamie Peters: Skate Surf Snow, Brand.

For my brand I have decided to go with a skate brand. For my brand I will be trying to appeal to the teenage, onwards, skate boarders, who like the hardcore skate scene. The age group that I will be targeting is the 13- onwards. For my brand I will kick off in the summer months, as this is when skateboarding is at its most popular. My brand will be influenced by the rock and roll music scene, great art works, and a bad ass attitude. The brand wont really follow in the climate friendly attitude, as this sought of defeats the brands soul. Though to as where the products get made and produced their will be a lot of concideration, i.e. no sweat shops, nd good quality product. Another branch that the brand will look into, is helping the general community by promoting the re-building of dodge skate parks and etc.

Ten descriptive words that I could associate to the brand would be, fast, loud, smooth, cut-throat, aggressive, aggressive, flooky, all rounded bad ass, out there and destructive. For this brand the colour scheme I have thought of is to follow in is the basic colours, as in blacks, whites, reds, blues and maybe a few lesser others. The brands distribution is in the beginning will be through local skateboarding outlets along the coast, and then begin to sponcer local competitions and other events. The brand will also begin a small dedicated sponcership of skaters. This will greatly help with the promotion of the brand.

Seeing as the brand will be heavily influenced by its cultures the brand name is going to be essential in reflecting what the brand is about.
Some possible names are:
- Top Hat Ninja
- Skull cap
- Outcast
- Buccaneer
- Maps
- Cutthroat
- Jolly Rodgers
- Headless
- Decap
- Mutant
- Skull crackers
- Dabloum
- Cartrige 88
- Blown skull
- Arse Cobra
- Blood Skull
- Dezy Fang
- Fandangle
- 665 neighbour of the beast
- PB&T (pledged to pleasure booze and Treasure)

The style influences for the brand will be dark, disturbing, funny random, rock and skeletons. The brand will aspire to the dark arts theme, as in “Nightmare before Christmas”, Robert Williams, Pushead, M.C. Escher, etc. the brand will be defined by the art style, as in the design and products.

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