Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Surf Skate Snow Design
The brand ENDangered will focus on the of the environment and the protection of animals and depict this in their design
The subculture that I will be directing to is surfing pro and non-pro.
Target market is male & female.
Age group would be 16 to 45.
Seasons: All seasons
For the designs I would use animal textures like skin fur teeth from sharks tigers elephants lions snake etc and the tree leaf nuts to print on broad shorts t shirts bags hats surfboards etc
Political or social awareness, environment, Animal protection Globed Warming
Creative sun planet moon wind water Earth, environment, fresh, clean, natural, animal, textures, recycle packaging
Colour palette: black & white or logo and all colours for designs
Styles: pop art surrealism cubism abstraction mix media
Geographical distribution = world wide
Method of selling: retail outlets around Australia and Internet mail order for overseas
Method of promotion is that it is donation 10% of profits to charity: develop your own charity for the animals and environment. The promotion of the sexy designs via sexy models and looking good is not about stuffing the environment and killing animals for the production of products. Environmentally save dyes’ used for printing products, recycled packaging.
Possible names for surf brands and my brand focus =Wash, monsters, waterform, extinct, flow, spray, serpent, ripple, Triassic, dinosaurs, animalsurf, surfanimal envirosurf, level, salt, 10meters, animal

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stacy said...

what about endangered and exploring and educating animals that are facing possible extinction